Traveling from the depths of the universe, "THE ENCOUNTER ALIEN" stands at 8 1/2 inches tall and is finely detailed. He is from a alien race that has been studying Earth for many millenniums and are now lurking in the shadows where they occasionally make appearances and often collect Human specimens for their studies. This male alien is the leader of his continent of invaders and goes by the name "KA".

This character is an original design by Brian Wade and has won two creative awards already. One for "BEST ORIGINAL DESIGN" and the other for "BEST PAINT".

Each copy is replicated in a uniquely pigmented special translucent resin to achieve a natural dinosaur looking skin effect.
Weather your a creature lover, Alien fan, or just an appreciator of highly detailed unique sculptures, this freestanding sculpture will be a welcome addition to any collection. 
Each Alien is offered in KIT FORM, and individually hand created and as a KIT, may require some cleanup. The painted display photos are for example only. The actual kit is currently only being offered unpainted.
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Each piece signed by the artist, Brian Wade.
(Please allow 7 business days for processing)

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