Say hello to Mister Blister, the devious character with a disturbing affliction.
Imbued with emotion, this unique fellow is both cursed with a cleft pallet, and a multitude of bubbling growths covering neck, shoulder, and back.
He is minutely detailed and his design allows for a multitude of unique finishes.
Standing at 10 1/2 inches tall, (including base), and each copy is replicated in a uniquely pigmented special translucent resin to achieve a natural looking skin effect.
Each copy is individually created and may require some cleanup. The painted display photos are for example only. The actual kit is unpainted.
This highly detailed, original creation, is only distributed through MillionaireClayboy.com.
Each piece signed by the artist, Brian Wade.
(Please allow 7 business days for processing)
To have your kit personally hand-painted by Millionaire Clayboy to look like the images here, select the "PAINTED" option before checkout and your bust will arrive fully finished. Each bust is created personally by Brian Wade and colors/effects may vary, please allow an additional 2 weeks for this option.

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