DINOSAUR FOOT - DECORATIVE HOLDER - With Custom Hand-Painted, Patina-Finish

Our most beautiful and popular sculpture items far, "THE CLAW", is now being offered in this "LIMITED FIRST RUN"  series of "ONLY SIX" copies, made with a beautiful, hand-made, "Faux-Copper-Patinated" Finish!

At 11 1/2 inches tall, it is packed with detail. However, it has a conveniently sized,small base, (at just under 5" across), so it can fit anywhere around the house, at the office, at your desk, or smartly located, right by your front door!

You can use it solely as a decorative item, or better yet.......

Use it to always remember where your keys are at! 

Now you can never forget where you put them! I don't know about you, but I prefer to put my keys the same place every time so I can always find them.

Each decorative holder is individually hand-painted by Brian Wade, and lovingly labored over, with care and attention, to achieve the most realistic faux-patina finish, and guarantees you a one of a kind decorative conversation piece!!

These are offered only on occasion, and are always limited in availability!

This production run is limited to exactly 6!


Each decorative Dinosaur Decorative Holder is signed on the bottom by the sculptor and artist,

Brian Wade.

(Please allow 7 business days for processing)

Each copy is individually created and may include slight defects due to their being handmade.
Whether your a creature lover, dinosaur fan, or just an appreciator of highly detailed unique sculptures, this freestanding sculpture will be a welcome addition to any collection. 
This highly detailed, original creation, is only distributed through MillionaireClayboy.com.



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