Hearkening to a time long past, this life-like creation seems to bring the dinosaur era magically back before your very eyes.
Standing at 8 1/2 inches tall with included base and may be displayed standing, or wall mounted.
You will enjoy all the artistic design and extreme care put into this life-like Allosaurus Foot study design.
Each copy is replicated in a uniquely pigmented special translucent resin to achieve a natural dinosaur looking skin effect.
Each copy is individually created and may require some cleanup. The painted display photos are for example only. The actual kit is unpainted.
It was done to bring as much realism into the piece as possible and you can easily imagine it could actually be a miniature casting of an actual dinosaur foot.
Whether your a creature lover, dinosaur fan, or just an appreciator of highly detailed unique sculptures, this freestanding sculpture will be a welcome addition to any collection. 
This highly detailed, original creation, is only distributed through MillionaireClayboy.com.
Each piece signed by the artist, Brian Wade.
(Please allow 7 business days for processing)

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